Welcome to Potential Kids

Potential Kids is an award winning charity based in Welwyn/Hatfield which provides learning, social and sports opportunities to Neurodivergent children / young people (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Tourette Syndrome amongst other conditions).

Our Vision

To nurture and embrace neurodiversity, whilst supporting our community to reach their potential.

Our Mission

To be inclusive, promote confidence, increase self-esteem and give a sense of belonging to a community that understands neurodiversity.

About Our Founder

Potential Kids was founded by Angela Gaughan, a mum to an autistic son who realised that there was a great need for projects like this. She knows how hard it was to access activities for her son and wanted to make a difference by providing local support which encouraged and enabled our young people to learn, grow and achieve.

She is very proud to have some amazing volunteers, professionals and local organisations supporting her on this journey.

Our community feedback!


Excellent volunteers who work very hard and are amazing with families and the children. Really great fun events and lots of selection of activities.

D & E

We are so very appreciative of this opportunity for our teens to socialise and have fun in a safe space. They love to skate but cant go as other venues are far too cramped and busy . We know that potential kids is a safe and inclusive space wherever they hold an event and its hard to find things for older children , so this was perfect.


Charlotte absolutely loved horse riding. Her time with the horses was therapeutic and relaxing. She connected with them and wants to go again.


We're new to home education so have only been to a couple of sessions to date but have been impressed with the variety so far and hope that he will be able to enjoy these session for a long time to come. We were excited to see the bushcraft sessions and hope to add these into our week too. It has been great to have somewhere to interact with other children in a safe environment where he won't be judged for being different and I can relax as he can't be led astray due to being vulnerable.

Support Us

Potential Kids relies upon the fundraising efforts and donations of it's supporters to provide our services. The charity could not deliver it's activities and sessions without the dedication, passion and goodwill of it's volunteers.

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